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Filming, Production and Prayer

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God will always be protecting you. In a short film that is produced by a Christian acting ministry, Cast of Faith, you realized that God will always be your armor. This cast and production team has been working on this short film for about a year now. We have had plenty of different shoots, and meetings to get this film started. This is about a Christian police officer that is training a new and up coming officer. The upcoming officer, Detective David Martinez is very sure about using his bullet proof vest for safety. On the other hand, Detective Steven Hyde, the Christian officer, doesn’t use his bullet proof vest anymore, because he knows that God will be protecting him from harm. Detective Martinez doesn’t really understand this, but towards the end, he ends up realizing that God is his protection and is now a born again Christian.


The most important part of getting this film together is prayer. Without all the prayer and long nights we wouldn’t have been able to get this done. But the second most important part of creating Armor of God were the shoots. We have done about 10 shoots and more to come. These consist of day and night, so obviously we need all the help we can, not only with people but also with equipment. We’ve needed LED lights to light up a scene in the dark. We have used many different types of cameras. Knowing that the shoots were very important, it was a blessing to have the right equipment to make this right, and a high quality film. The shoots were not just having a camera on someone, it was a lot more than that. We needed the right lighting, the right angle, and even the right lens on the camera to make the shot the way it should be. We first need to set up the scene with all of the right props, and obviously people. Then we set up all the cameras and lights. After we have finished with all of that, then we can start doing some test runs to make sure that everything is right and in the right position. Once we know that everything is correct, now we can start rolling. After doing all the film process, then we reload all of the equipment and then go home. The process is long, but it is all worth it in the end.


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