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Bearfuit, We are Storytellers


Bear Fruit Identity


Behind every great brand, there is a great storyteller! And that’s exactly what Bear Fruit needed when the production company came to life in 2010. Without a face, without a name, without an identity and only an idea that was still yet to be defined – the Mt. Harvest team came in to build structure, to give definition and ultimately breath life into a dormant possibility.First came the name. The idea behind the name was a play on the company’s creed found deep within their religious beliefs that promised delivered results: fruit. And with the name naturally came the logo.



A whimsical cartoon-like bear that had a bite-sized chunk missing from his ear. The bear essentially was a product of himself – a fruit to be experienced one bite at a time. Soon thereafter, the bear became the launch pad for the brand’s guidelines which included the company’s voice, design elements and the internal identity system.  All of this gave way to Mt. Harvest’s creation of Bear Fruit’s Infographic Film titled “We Are Storytellers” and many of the brand’s photographic, animation and live action marketing materials.