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An EMC Business Partner news App


The Launch of Information


With such an over-saturation of countless productivity apps littering the pages of Apple & Google’s app store, how is it possible to stand out? EMC launched their own Business Partner News App in an effort to consolidate the needs of their Partners into one user friendly Productivity App that would provide their users all the tools necessary to succeed in the business world.

Imagination Comes Alive


To announce the EMC Business Partner News App’s arrival, The Mount Harvest creatives, produced, scripted, storyboarded and animated a fun and whimsical app promo video showing major milestones in world history that were accomplished by individuals who were prolific gatherers of information and resources such as the News App provides today’s users. Imagine if Ferdinand Magellan had to his advantage a tool as powerful as the EMC Partner News App? He would have most likely skipped circumnavigating the globe and moved onto more challenging frontiers…