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Keurig’s Complete Corporate System


Coffee meets innovation


In a highly competitive and saturated coffee market, Keurig’s products still stand out thanks, in part, to Mt. Harvest’s creative messaging. Mt. Harvest partnered with Keurig’s creative team to develop a short film that celebrated Keurig’s innovative line of coffee products. The Mt. Harvest team aided Keurig in creating an engaging piece of media content including: type, 2D & 3D animation, theatrical narration, still imagery, and sound effects, that helped further define Keurig’s distinct brand identity. In addition, the film could be used to showcase Keurig’s brand assets across platforms including environmental installations, corporate websites, destination sites, and e-commerce sites.

Keurig’s complete corporate system


Now, faced with a fast approaching deadline and the world’s largest coffee convention on the line, the Mt. Harvest team stepped in to aid KEURIG in explaining why they’re the leaders in Coffee preparation. A series of brand films, print marketing and 3D animations were combined to create a demonstration loop detailing the ABCs of Keurig’s complete corporate system. From brewing to branding, this film narrates the simply genius formula that has made Keurig one of the world’s fastest growing coffee companies.