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The Idea Behind “Like Father Like Son”

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Why kids?

I teach Sunday school. And one of the kids in my class is an amazing prayer. Once I saw him, his passion and love for God while praying it was so real, I felt like it needed to be shown it needed to be seen by the people. How God isn’t something that you find when you’re just mature enough to find him but how simple it is to know and love God as a child. I felt it was important to show the people how simple it is to love God through the eyes of a child.

What did the production involve?

Cast of Faith teamed up with Mount harvest to bring to life this production. We knew the budget was small but the idea was big. So we had to plan around within our resources, church, church member homes, and in front of peoples houses. The props were minimal and the equipment was professional. The workflow for the whole production was very smooth one day turnaround.

Do you have any other productions involving the kids?

We do. We have another production that involves the kids currently untitled. Cast of faith scriptwriter Xavier Garcia has written a fun script having to do with Abraham and his son. You can imagine who the father will be based on this last production.


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