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Mt. Harvest™

We are Story Artisans.
We are a Motion Picture Production Company.
We bring ideas to life through strategic cinematic solutions.
M   O   U   N   T         H   A   R   V   E   S   T

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16 Year Measured Experience.

We know that every idea embarks on a journey and sometimes the journey’s roads are long and arduous. Yet sometimes the path to an idea’s creation is swift and fleeting, nevertheless; the journey will always leave a story to tell. A story whose identity we help find and whose voyage we illustrate across various avenues: commercial advertising, digital and interactive platforms, feature films and film marketing, television and global brands.

Our passion is design-infused storytelling with an innovative application of live-action, spacial & typographical design, and animation techniques used to deliver a reborn experience through commercial, interactive and entertainment productions. If your goals seem like a vast mountain that must be cropped and harvested, we are the all consuming mist that nourishes, saturates and produces the fruition.

We’ve had the honor to work with Global Brands Such as Hologic, Mead West Vaco, Saucony and Keurig as well as produced award winning storytelling for The Global Orphan Project and DidFit.

Our innovative team has been working together for over ten years and throughout that journey we’ve evolved and have continued developing our capabilities to ensure only continued excellence.

Throughout this time of continued expansion we’ve partnered and worked with agencies such as Hill Holiday, George P. Johnson and Sacks Exhibits. Our brand continues to shift and mold according to change in innovation and media at large and it’s our desire to stand out as forerunners that pave the way for seasons of harvest.

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