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News Article The Telly Awards
Witch Trials film shooting in Rockport
Gloucester Daily Times

News Article The Telly Awards
Beverly man, brother using AI to film Witch Trials movie
The Salem News

Awards & Festivals The Telly Awards
King Cobras: Men’s Group – Gold Winner: Social Video – Series: Comedy | 2022
The 43nd Annual Telly Award Winner.

Awards & Festivals The Telly Awards
The Great Suppression – Bronze Winner: General — Non-Broadcast | 2021
The 42nd Annual Telly Award Winner.

Arts & Entertainment Patch.com
Boston Actor Stars In “King Cobras: Men’s Group,” A Latino Comedy
The sketch comedy YouTube show was shot in North Reading. It seeks to bring an authentic perspective to Latino relationships and religion.

Awards & Festivals PIFF 2021 WINNERS
The Great Suppression: How Covid-19 Reignited the Fight for Life & Liberty

Prague International Film Festival 2021 Winners.

Arts & Entertainment Film The Magazine
Issue 031 – Nice 2021 The Great Suppression (Page 12-13)
The 31nd edition of Film The Magazine, printed in conjunction with the NICE International Film Festival 2021.

Arts & Entertainment Film The Magazine
Issue 032 – Madrid 2021 – The Great Suppression (Page 8)
The 32nd edition of Film The Magazine, printed in conjunction with the MADRID International Film Festival 2021.

Arts & Entertainment Tristatealert.com
The award-nominated The Great Suppression will be shown at Antrim Brethren in Christ Church this weekend
Mastriano is in the movie and it has been nominated for Best Film, Best Feature Documentary, Best Director for a Feature Documentary, and Best Editing of a Documentary by the NICE, France, International Film Festival. It is also an Official Selection of the International Christian Film Festival and has been accepted by the Near Nazareth Film Festival for consideration.

Arts & Entertainment D2LProductions.com
Marrio Esco Live | Episode 164 “Men’s Group”
Puerto Rican-born, Boston-based filmmakers Jonathan and Xavier Garcia join us to talk about their current project, titled KING COBRAS: MEN’S GROUP slated to be a multi-season episodic streaming series aimed at bringing together the Latino/Hispanic Community, faith and non-faith alike, in a time of miserable division in our nation.

Awards & Festivals New Hope Film Festival
The President of New Hope Posts about A Blood Throne
Writer/Producer/Director Xavier Garcia earned his BA in Spanish Literature and Theater at Colby College, and this background is quite evident when watching A Blood Throne, a superb spinoff of the Gospel of Matthew’s account of Herod, king of Judea.

Awards & Festivals Press – Boston International Film Festival
Indie Soul Best Picture Award – A Blood Throne
In the year 2002 the Boston International Film Festival began presenting works by ‘up & coming’ filmmakers from across the globe.
In the past eighteen (18) years we have gone from presenting a few grouping’s of films in sessions to over 100 films and becoming one of the most highly recognized festivals in the world.

Arts & Entertainment Gloucester Daily Times
Police officer stars as Herod in new film
Pierre Rumpf, a Manchester Police reserve officer, will make his first bow as a movie star when “A Blood Throne” premieres in Boston next month. The independent film is based on the Massacre of the Innocents, as told in the Bible’s New Testament. Rumpf stars as Herod the Great, the mad king who called for the execution of every male child in Israel in order to secure his throne.

Competition & Submissions BlueCat Screenwriters
2018 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Qualifier
There are 71 quarter finalists out of a total of 762 submissions & A Blood Throne is one of them.

Awards & Festivals Christian Worldview Film Festival
Best Short Film Runner Up – Crossroad
When the revelation of Yeshua as Lord truly comes, nothing can stand in the way to proclaim it!

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