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By Way of the Sea

Sometimes the theatrical worlds of stage and cinema collide. And when it does, it’s always an emotively immersive experience. The Cast of Faith theater company had written and produced a stage play titled BY WAY OF THE SEA which modernized a Biblical retelling of the life of Peter, Son of Jonah. The production was a deep character study inspired by the production approach of the Sights & Sounds theater company (Branson MO). This dynamic, stunt filled production was housed in an intimate two-hundred and fifty person theater, completely branded to look, feel and smell like a fisherman’s dock with a wooden fishing boat as the central masterpiece lined by mechanically operated piers and the play had a rustic vintage look reminicsent of the early 1900s.

After Mount Harvest designed the brand identity of the show, alongside Cast of Faith’s design team, we then presented a media package that would market the production to a regional audience throughout the New England area. This included print, digital and cinematic materials that where featured across social platforms, in community centers, churches, and local businesses.

The film promo was already cast and the world building for these characters was in place, therefore; writing the script for the promo was a straight forward collaborative process that incorporated the themes present in the play. We were even able to use some of the play’s props and costumes so the only challenge was set location and production design that was an extension of the play’s brand. Working side by side with the play’s creative team was an amazing collaborative process. It was a true testament to the amazing possibilities when film and stage fuze to create a memorable storified experience.


Cast of Faith


Commercial Promo


Branding, Script, Live Action, Editing


producer: mount harvest
director: xavier garcia
line producer: sherri cowie
cinematographer: jonathan garcia

From the first miraculous catch of fish, to the cascading waterfall of demon-possessed pigs, we gain an intimate glimpse into the conversations, thoughts and attitudes of this motley crew – the disciples of Jesus – in and throughout the Galilean ministry.

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