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MT. Harvest takes on The Office Basketball Champ in a brand film titled “The Office Shootout” for Legacy Champ dot com. Challenged by the pressures of cubicle life in a highly competitive corporate America, our protagonist, Johnson is challenged to take on the improbability of perfection in the form of fifty consecutive successful baskets scored from various angles and positions.

Aided by his imaginative source of strength hailing from imaginations of “The King” himself, Lebron James, Johnson leads us through a peculiar day in his simply awesome life.


Legacy Champ




Live Action, Editing


producer: mount harvest
director: Xavier Garcia
cinematographer: Jonathan
1st assistant camera: eric galvez
wardobe: esther cajiga
hair & make up: amanda garcia

It takes a lot to get into LeBron James’ head, but Celtics fans are hoping the latest LegacyChamp.com viral video does just that. – NESN

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