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case study Good: The Examination of an Accused Witch

Callum Hughes is a Spiritual Healer in Scotland who divinely survives execution when accused of witchcraft, only to be sold to English merchants bound for New England. But fate intervenes when a treacherous shipwreck grants him freedom, delivering him to the shores of 1692 SALEM.


Mt. Harvest™


Original Short Film


Branding, Script, Live Action, Editing, VFX


executive producer(s): anson wu, billy veno, jessie f. burns, robin burns
mount harvest
director: xavier garcia
assistant director: michaila cowie
unit production manager: román jaquez
cinematographer: jonathan garcia
camera operator: luis ortiz
gaffer: nelson ries
music: james g. lindsay
sound: adam powell
vfx supervisor: ian messina
digital image tech: eric galvez
1st assistant camera: josiah platte, jesse welch
casting: laura mae poore
hair & make up: mishi florence

The ultimate goal is to build a loyal and ravenous audience that demands the creation of a mini series called Commonwealth.

original Good:The Examination of an Accused Witch

Prepare to be captivated as Callum Hughes unveils the spirit realm. Where the hidden truths within the shadows of Salem, leading to the witch trials, are brought to light. With divine discernment, Callum will grant you open world viewing in order to traverse its landscape and explore the motives that lay concealed amongst the people.

With the invention of Cinemersion®; a unique blend of traditional production techniques, 3D volumetric capture, and NeRF scanning, we’re set to create an unforgettable proof of concept short film based on a Callum Hughes, a victim of witch trials.

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