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The Great Suppression

When Debbie Wright and the Garcia brothers met at the Awards Gala for the New Hope Film Festival in New Hope Pennsylvania, the immediate reaction was – somehow we will be working together! Not only were we united by similar sensibilities, but our shared passion for profound storytelling was a clear indicator of the great adventure that lay ahead.


After Debbie Wright experienced a series of personal events at the onset of the Covid-19 lockdowns, that shook her world and broke her heart for the victims of the draconian Pennsylvania governor and how he was handling the pandemic, she decided to contact the Garcia brothers.


Do What’s Wright and Mount Harvest came together to produce a documentary about the catastrophic impact that the Pennsylvania Governor and the Health Secretary’s decisions, in response to the COVID pandemic, have had on people’s lives and livelihoods. And in so doing, they discovered the many decisions that triggered a constitutional crisis in the state of Pennsylvania. Which they quickly found was a  story that was being played out, state after state, across our nation.


The story was designed around the state’s response to the pandemic. And a map was created in order to chart the chronology of major events, the testimonies of medical experts, the battle strategies of key politicians and the grievances of devastated victims (both businesses and individuals). That map plotted out the story’s through-line which, centered on our protagonist the US Senator, Colonel Douglas Mastriano and was vibrantly narrated by the multi-Emmy winning radio and television personality, Wendy Bell. Immediately, Mount Harvest traveled out to Pennsylvania to film and edit the popular fundraising video which kicked off the project and set the bar of excellence / expectation at very high.


Once Do What’s Wright Media conducted all of the necessary interviews, several terabytes of footage were shipped to Medford MA. for Mount Harvest’s all inclusive post-production services. From detailed dailies reports, cutting, coloring, graphic design and motion graphic animation to title design, sound engineering, mixing, mastering, trailer creation, promotional poster & media creation, and delivery asset creation – Mount Harvest elevated the final product to a multi-award winning film, on the national and international scale, which included a Best Feature Film award at the World International Cinema Awards in London UK and an American Telly Award for excellence in filmmaking, along with many additional prestigious awards.


Do Whats Wright Media


The Great Suppression: How Covid-19 Reignited the fight for Life & Liberty – Feature Documentary Film


Branding, Editing, VFX


producer: debbie wright & xavier garcia
associate producers: donna parell, martha dean
director: debbie wright
post supervisor & editor / colorist: xavier garcia
assistant editor: chelsea cowie
vfx & motion graphics: jonathan garcia
composer: james g. lindsay
sound engineer: brian charles
re-recording mixer: james zaner
website creation: luis miguel ortiz
camera operators: david demarco, wayne dixon

That this nation under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

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