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In the extravagant whaling city of 1850s New Bedford, MA, one family is conflicted and divided by the treatment of African Americans during the height of slavery in pre-civil war America. William M. Thomas, a medical surgeon, is a man of questionable faith and principles, until he hears the audible voice of God. The near death experience and commanding voice of The Almighty shakes William to his spiritual core. What begins as a righteous quest for American freedom and human redemption, ultimately transforms the traveling doctor into the most notorious abolitionist of Ante-Bellum America. His wife, the most affluent and powerful woman in the New World, covers her husbands tracks, until one day he goes too far. Now all are left to choose between life or death; security or sacrifice; passivity or justice; faith or fear.


Mt. Harvest™


Original Short Film.


Branding, Script, Live Action, Editing, VFX


executive producer: sherri cowie, arissa page
producer: mount harvest
director: xavier garcia
assistant director: michaila cowie
line producer: eric monzon
cinematographer: jonathan garcia
gaffer: eric galvez
camera operator:  nathan quattrini
sound: sam krueger
digital image tech: dan rosario
1st assistant camera: jesse welch
2nd assistant camera: nelson ries
sfx makeup: phil “skippy” adams
casting: laura mae poore
hair & make up: mishi florence

In those days men were hearing the audible voice of God and while some built churches, others enticed war. .

original Underground

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