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In 2015, when MeadWestVaco and RockTenn merged to create the 2nd largest American packaging company, they sought the advice of global experience design agency George P. Johnson regarding who could produce their very first commercial content as the newly unveiled The WestRock Company.  GPJ phoned Mount Harvest for the multi-day, multi-location, multi-camera shoot. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.


Working side-by-side with GPJ’s creative team, we quickly started drafting out the storyline that would highlight all of WestRock’s packaging products in a single video. The goal was to create an emotive brand film that would seamlessly highlight all of WestRock’s marquee offerings while simultaneously creating a metaphor for the unobtrusive, yet vital, role that packaging plays in our daily lives.


After the script and voice over was written, our storyboard artist, Katrina Davis got to work alongside Director of Photography, Jonathan Garcia. They drafted out every shot, composition, and even lighting-designs, as well as lens choices for each frame. Then Mount Harvest checked in with their friends at Boston Casting and began the pressured and time sensitive process of finding the perfect actors. In order to properly represent WestRock’s global market, our cast needed to represent a varied range of racial and cultural demographics including even a puppy in under four weeks.


A script, A multi-racial and multi-ethnic cast across a varied age spectrum, seven filming locations throughout the greater-Boston area, production design to represent WestRock’s global clientele, specially selected hand property, set property, individual costumes, hair and makeup design, a lean 10 person crew on a two camera production and two weeks of filming now finally complete and it was time for post production.


The post production and deliverables process was only so seamless due to the superb planning and collaboration between the client, GPJ and the Mount Harvest productions team. And the product launch came ahead of schedule for WestRock’s merger announcement and used across their websites and social media platforms.






Live Action, Editing, VFX


producer: george p. johnson
director: xavier brothers
cinematographer: jonathan garcia
Storyboardist & photographer: katrina davis
camera operator: luis miguel ortiz
sound: hans padilla
digital image tech: eric galvez
casting: boston casting

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